The 30-credit M.S.Ed. program prepares new or experienced educators to obtain New York State certification as a Literacy Specialist. Learn to teach reading and writing communications, develop reading curricula, evaluate student progress and identify students in need of corrective and remedial education. This program focuses on children from birth to age 6, and includes opportunities to work with clients in a clinical setting.

Admissions Requirements


Applicants to the M.S. in Childhood Education (Grades 1-6) Program must meet the following requirements for admission:

  • Application for Admission (online or PDF) (Graduate Application)
  • Official copies of your undergraduate and/or graduate transcripts from any college(s) or universities you have attended
  • Applicants must have achieved at least a 2.5 overall and 2.75 in major grade point average or equivalent in a bachelor's program.
  • Initial (or provisional) teaching certificate is required. If you hold a degree from outside the United States your official records of all post-secondary education must be translated by an approved organization such as World Education Services (WES). You may purchase this translation by contacting WES, www.wes.org or telephone at 1-800-937-3895. Request a course-by-course translation with conversion of all grades into a U.S.4- point scale with U.S. degree equivalencies. This translation must be received by the Office of Admissions in an envelope sealed by WES.
  • The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is required of all applicants whose native language is not English. The TOEFL or IELTS is generally not required of candidates who have studied for at least two years at an accredited high school or post-secondary institution where English is the only method of instruction, unless there is a need for additional evidence of proficiency in English upon review of other academic credentials. The minimum TOEFL score for admission: 79 Internet-based score (197 computer based, 527 paper-based score) or minimum IELTS score for admission: 6.0 (effective Spring 2012)

Send application materials to:

Graduate Admissions
LIU Brentwood
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Brentwood, NY 11717

Program Requirements


Degree Requirements



EDS 610

Literacy Teaching and Learning: Birth-Grade 6


EDS 600

Introduction to the Study of the Exceptional Child


EDS 613

Literacy and Children’s Literature: Birth-Grade 6


EDS 619

Literacy and Literature-based Reading Instruction: Birth-Grade 6


EDS 640

Literacy in the Content Areas: Birth-Grade 6


EDS 642

Literacy and Language Arts Instruction: Birth-Grade 6


EDS 615

Practicum I Literacy Assessment and Intervention: Birth Grade 6


EDS 616

Practicum II Literacy Intervention: Birth-Grade 6


EDS 703

Practicum III Overcoming Literacy Difficulties: Birth-Grade 6


EDS 622

Contemporary Issues in Literacy Research: Birth-Grade 6


Total Degree Credit Requirement: 30 credits

Course Descriptions

EDS 610 Literacy Teaching and Learning

Birth-Grade 6 A study of strategies and resources in childhood language acquisition and the teaching of literacy for elementary school children. The newest techniques and research findings will be discussed. Students will observe, plan and instruct sample literacy lessons. Prerequisites of EDI 600, 601, 612, 613, 614, and 677 with co-requisite of EDI 600 and 601 for Childhood Edu programs are required.

Credits: 3 Every Fall and Spring

EDS 600 Introduction to the Study of the Exceptional Child

A basic introduction to exceptionality. A consideration of emotional, neurological, and physically based etiologies as they relate to exceptionality. Specific reference will be given to an overview of disability and impairment and to a system of classification and criteria of classification. Prerequisite of EDI 600, 601, 612, 613, 614, 677 are required of all Childhood/Literacy and Childhood/Special Education majors only.

Credits: 3 Every Fall, Spring and Summer

EDS 613 Literacy and Children's Literature: Birth-Grade 6

A survey of the literature for the school child with emphasis on the quality and characteristics of reading materials suitable for various groups. The changing characteristics of children's reading interests and the presentation of books through various media will be included. A reading file will be developed for a particular age group. Prerequisite of EDS 610 is required

Credits: 3 Every Fall, Spring and Summer

EDS 619 Literacy and Literature-based Reading Instruction: Birth-Grade 6

Included are the background and description of the various types of literature-based reading programs. This course will be concerned with planning, developing and implementing such instruction. The assessment procedures used by the classroom teacher and the implication of literature-based reading instruction upon the total school program will also be discussed. Prerequisite or Co-requisite of EDS 610 is required.

Credits: 3 Every Fall, Spring and Summer

EDS 640 Literacy in the Content Areas: Birth-Grade 6

This course will review expository and narrative materials in the content areas as well as those skills unique to each content field. Readability of texts will be explored and means of adapting instruction to a variety of levels in reading will be discussed. Schema development and direct instruction will be emphasized. Prerequisite or co-requisite of EDS 610 is required.

Credits: 3 Every Fall, Spring and Summer

EDS 642 Literacy & Language Arts Instruction Birth-Grade 6

This course will enable teachers to develop a conceptual framework for the teaching of reading and written communication skills in our schools, focusing on composition, syntax, writing, spelling, and handwriting as interrelated elements of written expression. Instructional practices and materials will be presented, analyzed and evaluated for classroom implementation. Prerequisite or co-requisite of EDS610 is required.

 Credits: 3 Every Fall and Spring

EDS 615 Practicum I. Literacy Assessment and Intervention: Birth-Grade 6 Lecture

The course will stress diagnostic procedures for reading disabilities; observation and interview procedures; diagnostic instruments; standardized and informal tests; report writing and materials of instruction in these areas. Causative factors contributing to specific reading problems will also be explored and discussed. Clinic: Students will develop case studies with individual clients. Prerequisites of EDS 610, 613, 619, 640, 642 and co-requisite of EDS 610, 619, 640 ,642 are required. Credits: 3 Every Fall, Spring and Summer EDS 616 Practicum II. Literacy Intervention: Birth-Grade 6 The course will stress corrective procedures, planning and management for children with reading disabilities. Major creative techniques and clinical remedial procedures will be included. Clinic: Students will work with individual clients for a minimum of 20 hours under clinical supervision. Prerequisites of EDS 615 is required.

Credits: 3 Every Fall, Spring and Summer

EDS 622 Contemporary Issues and Research in Literacy: Birth-Grade 6 (Culmination Experience)

This course involves the study of critical issues in literacy education. Theory, research and practice will be explored through a vast body of knowledge and field of inquiry related to the perspectives of psychology, sociology, linguistics, and other pertinent areas. Specifically, a wide variety of important topics will be addressed, including balanced reading instruction, phonemic awareness and phonics, multicultural perspectives, literacy learning, basal materials and literature-based resources, traditional and invented spelling practices, process writing, emergent literacy, content literacy, struggling literacy learners, and literacy assessment. Within this context, a diversity of positions and opinions will be considered as students formulate their own views by engaging in activities that encourage critical analysis and independent thinking. Co-requisite of EDS 615 or 616 or 703 and must be taken in last 9 credits are required.

Credits: 3 Every Fall, Spring and Summer

EDS 703 Practicum III Overcoming Literacy Difficulties: Birth-Grade 6 (Open only to students in Literacy specialization.) 

Students will have full responsibility for diagnosis, correction and remediation of clients with various types of reading problems. Case studies will be developed and instruction will take place under supervision in the University clinic. A minimum of 30 contact-hours will be required in addition to weekly seminars. Prerequisites of EDS 615 and 616 are required.

Credits: 3 Every Fall, Spring and Summer


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